product + interior designer

Duygu Azun was born in1986 in Ankara, Turkey. She finished interior architecture at Yeditepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts in Istanbul. After graduation, She was interested in product design and wanted to study in design and art by touching and feeling different cultures.

She travelled to Spain and she decided  to study product design in Madrid. She completed Master Of Product Design Labs in IED Madrid leading by Alvaro Catalan de Ocon and directed by Clive van Heerden. She took advantage of this opportunity to work with people from different cultures, origins and backgounds so that she could question and discover her own dicipline and her own art. By travelling around World, she learned about how to bring innovation and different tastes into a design and transforming ideas into a concept and then in a concrete product by using craftmanship and technology.

After her master, she decided to move permanently to Madrid and she is invited to several exhibitions all around Europe. She is working as a freelancer and she countinues to create and develope her own personal objects by experimenting new materials and discovering new ways of making objects. For her being an interior and additionally a product designer, she wants to combine her skills in both areas to create fuctional spaces using a range of products to define herself as a versatile designer.